We tried to manage nearly everything for you to achieve a worry-free gaming experience.

Check out emuBro - a game launcher as it should be.

an open source game launcher that associates your retro games with your emulators such as snes9x, epsxe, pcsx2, dolphin or whatever you like.

Why emuBro


We really tried to be able to help you in any situation.

Familiar interface

As simple as possible, as mighty as necessary.

Easy configuration

The platform detection does almost everything for you.


Your platform or emulator doesn't show up? Just add your own.




emuBro is almost ready for release and fortunately you dont have to pay for it

Not long now!
After a lot of hard work and dealing with some tricky situations to make a stable release,
we're now almost ready to release our much-loved piece of software for you guys.

There will follow some screenshots and videos and also an update for the website. Stay tuned!
~ emuBro development team

Note: Java is required in order to run this application. Click here to download Java

Popular emulators

This is a list of default emulators which emuBro automatically detects on your computer

Your preferred emulator is not listed? Feel free to submit it to us


Platform Emulator Website
nintendo gameboy logo Nintendo Game Boy / Color / Advance Visual Boy Advance Download
nintendo entertainment system logo Nintendo Entertainment System FCEUX Download
super nintendo logo Super Nintendo Snes9x Download
ZSNES Download
nintendo 64 logo Nintendo 64 Project64 Download
nintendo gamecube logo Nintendo GameCube Dolphin Download
nintendo ds logo Nintendo DS DeSmuME Download
nintendo wii logo Nintendo Wii Dolphin Download
nintendo wii u logo Nintendo Wii U Cemu Download


Platform Emulator Website
playstation 1 logo Playstation 1 ePSXe Download
playstation 2 logo Playstation 2 PCSX2 Download
playstation 3 logo Playstation 3 RPCS3 Download
playstation portable logo Playstation Portable PPSSPP Download


Platform Emulator Website
sega logo Sega Master System / Game Gear / Genesis Kega Fusion Download
sega saturn logo Sega Saturn Satourne Download
sega dreamcast logo Sega Dreamcast nullDC Download


Platform Emulator Website
amiga logo Amiga FS-UAE Download
WinUAE (Windows Port) Download
atari logo Atari Steem Download
scummvm logo ScummVM ScummVM Download
android logo Android Andy Download