We really tried to manage nearly everything for you to achieve a worry-free gaming experience.

Check out emuBro - a game launcher as it should be.

Categorize your games and associate the required emulators as easy as never before.

  • Find emulators or even add unknown emulators
  • We keep you up to date about upcoming games
  • Of course we will also provide all the useful information about retro games
  • emuBro also helps bring gamers together with our bromunity system
  • ... and we will explain to you what it is with this "emulator" stuff that we are talking about all the time

Don't worry, we already have so much more thoughts and ideas for the future, so let's do this!


We really tried to be able to help you in any situation.

Familiar interface

As simple as possible, as mighty as necessary.

Easy configuration

The platform detection does almost everything for you.


Your platform or emulator doesn't show up? Just add your own.