How is emuBro different from other game launchers?

What is emuBro?

emuBro is an open source game launcher that associates your retro games with your emulators such as snes9x, epsxe, ppsspp, pcsx2, dolphin, cemu or whatever you like. Quite simply, emuBro lists your games and let you organize, manage and of course launch them.

Maybe you already use other launchers like Steam, Origin, or something like that to play your PC games.
emuBro is just that, a game launcher. But it was mainly built to run retro games.

User Friendly

As user friendly as possible

There are many launchers with powerful features out there, but many of them lack in usability. To set up emuBro, you do not have to modify or move any files or folders. You do not even have to know what exactly you are doing. However, if you already heard of emulators or maybe have some basic knowledge, it certainly will not hurt.

On the other side, emuBro is built also for more experienced users. So they aren’t sticked to config wizards or other dummy friendly options.

Our goal was to…

  • reduce the effort, required to start a game, to a minimum
  • download and manage emulators directly from emuBro
  • help you with missing, corrupted or updated configurations
  • write useful and comprehensive error messages
emuBro is your Bro. No need to google anymore!

Tag System

Some tags to rule them all!

Tags are great to tag something

With tags, you’re able to properly categorize your games. This is probably our favorite feature.

Maybe you have already added some covers and the games have a meaningful name. But to be honest, the more games you own, the more difficult it will be to keep track of. This is where tags come in.

Imagine, you want to play a game that you can play alone or in pairs. it should be a 2d platformer where you master levels and defeat bosses.

-> Boom! Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System!


Covers… Of course, there are covers

What would be a game manager without covers? Not only can you easily add images from Google but we also have a feature to download third party packs to easily cover up your games.

Props to


Our features, solutions and thoughts

Our Product!


Nothing would have been possible without some help of cool third party tools, resources & libraries.


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