It was a rainy[1] day in Switzerland when I was finally fed up starting my emulators over and over again when i want to play my retro games.

The answer is clear, I'll need an app for this. Of course i could use an existing launcher (there are plenty out there).
But there is more than that, i wanted to have a buddy (or maybe even a bro?) that helps me doing things for me that normally i have to do all the time.
So i thought: "if you want something done right[2], you have to do it yourself!"

This is how emuBro[3] was born.

[1] another word for "we were too lazy to go out and preferred to play all day instead"

[2] don't get me wrong, other launchers are great too, and maybe they're better and more powerful in some situations.
But only inside emuBro there are our thoughts, our features and our bugs :D

[3] The name of the project was JGameExplorer (what a creative name I know).
Then we renamed it to RetroEx. But Bing thought, with this keyword it would be better to show pages that are not suitable for kids.
That's why we changed it again. (Seriously, f*ck you Bing. Nobody loves you!)