A few words about the project

A few words about the project

A way overdue statement to emuBro's progression and future outlooks.

When I am being asked what I’m currently working on, I mostly just tell them “I’m working on Project XY” without going into details..

Then I always get “What?! Still working on it? It’s not finished yet? You are working on this for years now…!” a lot.

Sometimes I try to explain, what my thoughts are and how a decision affects the further development. But then I realize that there’s no point in that. Or I even made it worse. “You should not deal with small things”.

People kept asking me “Did you already released it?”

When I said that I am not ready yet, I often only earned lack of understanding.

Granted, you’ve already heard me saying “It is almost done and ready to release” quite a few times. Granted, it’s not the biggest project in the world and maybe it could have come in a shorter time to the state of it is now.

Many people believe that, because i was working on the project the last 3 years, I will probably never finish it. Well, they probably were not all that wrong…, of which more later.

It was worth waiting for

I always wanted to reach best possible usability. But everything I’ve created so far, I’ve done for myself. That’s why the projects have been stopped at a specific point. Either because I learned enough to extend my knowledge with another project, or I simply lost interest in it.

emuBro is different. I learned as much as never before, even if (or maybe because) it was often frustrating. I met many unforeseen challenges, and therefore I had to change my code base a few times to be able to go on.

And to be honest, because the user would have not known how to react when an error occurs, the program in the worst case refused to start up. To say nothing of the many really weird and annoying bugs…

So, Looking back it was actually worth waiting for.

Never-Ending Project

Also because this is the first project to ever see a public release, I wanted to have possibility to update emuBro, without actually updating emuBro. The main goal is to get to a state from where the application can be a kind of managed by plugins. Hereby the main application does not have to be updated for further features. That doesn’t mean it will not see any updates, don’t worry!

As already mentioned before, You’re right, this is kind of an endless project! Simply because a system changes sometime. An emulator can and will get an update, new emulators will be released, operating systems will change, I want to implement more useful features, ….

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