Introducing PrintScreenBro

Introducing PrintScreenBro

More sharing features are on the rise and will be implemented into emuBro in one of the next updates. That’s why I want to show you the “PrintScreenBro”.

Our goal is to bring some action into our brommunity. A first step in this direction will be the new PrintScreen-feature. With it you are able to take screenshots from your games. If you want, you can post them to our emuBro subreddit, directly out of emuBro!

It’s almost as it should be and also a video recording-feature an integration of Windows 10’s Game DVR-Feature (Win+G) is in progress to share your speed runs, funny moves, or other skills.

Our subreddit is still under construction, but feel free to take a look.

We could need some help. Contact us if you would be glad to help moderating it.

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