Create a modern Color Chooser with Java + Swing

Create a modern Color Chooser with Java + Swing

A custom Color Chooser which does NOT make use of the built in JColorChooser class.

Inspired by Google’s color picker, I tried to achieve the same in Java using Swing.

The Result

A short video will follow…

The build

First we need to create a BufferedImage to display the first part of the Color Chooser:

Note: it is not required, and maybe also not recommended, to store colors in a List in the first place.

We also need to create a BufferedImage for the slider:

And last but not least, the preview panel..

Actually this one is pretty simple, just create any JComponent which overrides the paintComponent(Graphics g) method. We use a JPanel because it is convenient.

These are the most important parts of the Color Chooser. But don’t worry, I will update this post constantly. Also complete source code will be available at GitHub soon.

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