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emuBro first public beta release is now available!

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We’re also working on:
platforms and emulators
games and tags
the emuBro wiki

Where to go with emuBro:

  • controller input configuration support
  • game saves-Manager
  • implement more bromunity-features (like uploading/sharing/voting/commenting clips or screenshots)
  • game reviews
  • a netplay-helper-tool
  • So much more thoughts and ideas for the future

  Github Releases

v0.7.1 pre
initial beta release (258 KB) (6.03 MB)
  Source: .tar / .zip 8 months ago
v0.7.0 pre
test release
  Source: .tar / .zip 9 months ago

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Resource Packs

Resource Packs

Resource Packs contain default data for platforms, emulators & tags. They are automagically generated from our Database. You can find the most recent version on Github or just use the one packed in your release.

  Download Latest Resource Pack Current version: 8c4ffc1f8c.. (updated) 8 months ago