emuBro first public beta release is now available

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Read more about us & our service

What needs to be done:
  • Putting on the finishing touches[1]
  • Fixing this broken website[2]

We're also working on:
Where to go with emuBro:
  • controller input configuration support
  • game saves-Manager
  • implement more bromunity-features (like uploading/sharing/voting/commenting clips or screenshots)
  • game reviews
  • a netplay-helper-tool
  • So much more thoughts and ideas for the future

[1] emuBro is working and we broke down the biggest barriers. We invest our effort to fix some annoying bugs and improve the functionality on other operating systems and the user interface to become still more user friendly. We do not have any time pressure. If you have, please contact us.

[2] this website has now almost all content we wanted to provide. Anyway, there are plenty of bugs and imperfections and for the future we have to switch to another server. You will experience the biggest changes in our bromunity area.